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Library is the major source of knowledge dissemination. IMIT has an air-conditioned library which is extremely rich in resources for learning, research and general awareness. It is spacious and comfortable, therefore enabling the students to, spend long hours happily in it. There are designated silent and group work areas in the library. There are designated silent and group work areas in the library. Our library has a comprehensive collection of books, journals, magazines etc. We have books written by Indian as well as foreign authors in area like Management, IT, and Journalism. It includes all disciplines of management like HR, marketing, general management, information system management like HR , marketing, general management, information system management, law, economics, environment policy, finance etc. We also subscribe to a wide range of national and international journals, magazines, periodicals, newspapers and information bulletins of world repute.


Our library has been put on Libsys through the Integrated library management system. Total catalogue of the library is available on Intranet. Issuing and returning of books is computerized. The students have been provided with smartcards which also serves as library card and at the same time can be used as an identity card.

Library Resources More than 24,500 books and over 224 national and international journals and 600 e-journals from informatics.A large collection of educational magazines and periodicals.